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Special Introductory Packages 

In response to recent local burglary incidents and customer requests, Concierge Greenwich is pleased to now offer three unique introductory packages, specially designed for Greenwich residents traveling during the summer months.

​Basic Minding Your Manors 

​Two months of five of the most popular Minding Your Manors services, preformed weekly:
      - Interior / Exterior Visual Inspection
      - Mail / Newspaper / Package Pickup
      - Check HVAC systems.
      - Flush all toilets.
      - Check for leaks.

In the event that any issues are found, clients will be immediately notified (via secure email or telephone) with appropriate supporting images. Clients can then elect to have Concierge Greenwich interface with insurance companies and rectify or manage any required remedies.

Storm Watch

As a supplement to the Basic Minding Your Manors package, Concierge Greenwich will conduct a comprehensive exterior and interior visual inspection of your home and driveway within 24 hours after the end of any storm or Department of Transportation clearance of surrounding roads.

Welcome Home 

Settle back seamlessly into your Greenwich home after Concierge Greenwich thoughtfully prepares for your return by:
      - Restocking the refrigerator.
      - Restarting newspaper and other delivery services.
      - Pick up and re-start mail services.
      - Reset thermostat and turn on lights.
      - Arrange airport pick-up service.