>>Professional Organizer Services
Proper housekeeping is a necessity and hard to find. With our top of the line training service, we make sure your housekeeping staff is fully equipped with the knowledge needed to maintain your home in pristine operating conditions.

• Train housekeeping staff how to clean various finishes.
• Train usage of in-home appliances, telephone systems, security systems, etc.
• Demonstrate proper table settings, organizing kitchens and pantry items.
• Work with staff to promote lifestyle and social management skills.
Personalized hospitality for guests, parties, family and formal dinners, etc.
>>In-home Staff Training
>>Elder Care
​​​​​​​​Moving is no easy task and there are many factors to consider. Concierge Greenwich is able to help alleviate stress and make sure that the transition into your new home is smooth and flawless. 

• Downsizing, transitioning, relocation; move management,

• Declutter, organize, donate, consign.
• Inventory, appraisals, photography, and home videos.
• Antique/art/library/musical instruments - auction, broker, dealer, etc.
• Research and refer top producing realtors.
Research: schools, MD's, dentists and other professionals.
>>Move In / Move Out Services

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There is only so much one person can do in a day, or remember what to do for that matter. Between busy work schedules and providing for family, free time is pushed to the wayside. At Concierge Greenwich, our team is dedicated to making sure the free time you have is spent doing the things you love the most.

• Car Appointments / Repairs.
• Doctor / Dentist Appointments.
• Home Repairs.
• Golf Tee / Tennis Times.
Salon / Spa Appointments.

>>Home Renovation and Maintenance Services
>>Appointment Scheduling

At Concierge Greenwich, we are more than just a service, we are apart of the family. We make it our utmost importance to care for the ones who have cared so much for you.

• Liaison with elderly homeowners and family members.
• Custom property management/maintenance.
• Exterior and interior repairs, vendor selection and oversight.
• Friendly face visits.
• Reports to family members.
• Scheduling appointments and escorting to MD, DDS, physical therapy, etc.
​• Daily errands, shopping, cleaning/laundry services.

Maintaining an organized atmosphere is difficult to accomplish when there are hundreds of other things on your to-do-list. With our assistance, you can stop worrying about clutter or disorganization!

• Clean-up clutter.
Professionally organize closets, storage areas, files, clothing, photographs, libraries, recipe files, computer files, etc.
• Remove unwanted items via consignment, donation and disposal.

>>Liaison Services
At Concierge Greenwich​, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every detail is coordinated and every need is met between different environments in our clients' lives.

• Hospital stay, office, home interface, errands, pickup mail, papers and business reports.
• Mail planning and local delivery (start and stop).
Personal assistant / executive assistant services. ​​​
Not only do we organize the inside of your home, but we are happy to help with renovations too! We source the best quality and prices from around town for your specific needs.

• Vetted contractor referral and background checks.
• Personal introductions: project planning, proposal/contract review.
• Daily project oversight.
• Weekly or daily project photographs for absentee homeowners.
Full-time oversight to ensure peace of mind services, security, compliance and end of day lock up.