Chinese visitors tour former Trump, Weinstein estate listings

Concierge Greenwich partners up with Coldwell Banker broker, Tamar Lurie to showcase the homes of billionaire, Donald Trump and movie producer, Bob Weinstein in Greenwich Connecticut. With the growing population of Chinese home owners, Concierge Greenwich will be providing services for these home owners to mind their manors while abroad.

Minding Your Manors focuses on high-end homes in Greenwich

In an article from early fall 2014, Greenwich Time highlights the launch of Concierge Greenwich's luxury residential property management service.  The service is designed for those who have property in Greenwich, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their abode is being watched over and taken care of while they are not able to do so themselves. 

Concierge Greenwich offers Property Management Service
Family oriented company Concierge Greenwich provides a unique array of services, Minding Your Manors, while clients are away on business or vacation. This new luxury residential property management service takes care of home issues and covers clients in the event of an unforeseen weather or maintenance issue.

All in the Family
Concierge Greenwich family trio, Daniel, Carol and Patricia Goldstone team up to provide a plethora of services. From personal assistance, catering and event planning, to estate management and real estate, they have redefined the concept of luxury lifestyle management.

White Glove Goes Tech
Luxury lifestyle management company, Concierge Greenwich, partners with Garde Robe and Summitas to bring Greenwich residents peace of mind with new service offerings from rearranging closets to transferring confidential information across the Internet.

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