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Concierge Greenwich has devised a proprietary “peace of mind” services package that affords homeowners (or lessors) the luxury of private residential property management services on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or project basis. 

While a person is traveling or away from their home, we can monitor and manage a comprehensive list of important concerns, including security systems, generator inspections, pool filtration problems, landscaper oversight and property maintenance issues. We can provide liaison services and oversight for household staff while also providing mail pickup, collection and forwarding services if needed. 

Concierge Greenwich can customize a plan for monitoring the interior of a home so that it appears as though someone is living there when owners are away. 

In recent years, Greenwich has experienced an unprecedented number of costly natural disasters. We can perform important tasks to minimize damage and costs such as roof, gutter and window inspection, to name a few. 

Our Hurricane Dispatch Service will go one step further by inspecting a home’s basement, attic and other rooms for roof leaks or water penetration after a storm has occurred and then manage the correction of any problems, issues or concerns.

Concierge Greenwich can provide video or photographic monitoring of the interior and exterior of a home or other buildings on a property. In the event that a property is damaged while its owners are away, we can email photos or video images and manage communications between insurance companies and contractors, as appropriate. 

​Concierge Greenwich provides “peace of mind” services to elderly property owners and their families to oversee home maintenance.  Examples of these services include the selection and management of service providers for home repairs, painting, landscaping, and pool and tennis court maintenance.  These services can be as simple as regularly changing batteries or light bulbs or they can be as complicated as cataloguing an entire art collection.

*​Services can be amended over time as requirements change*