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Each client is assigned a designated Manager who takes the time to understand and anticipate his or her unique needs and then continually works to exceed their expectations.

Our employees are Specialists. They are carefully chosen and undergo extensive background checks.  All are fully bonded and insured, sign a confidentiality agreement and complete a proprietary employee-training program that is highly effective and second to none.  Managers ensure that Specialists consistently follow Concierge Greenwich Approved Methods© on every assignment.

We help busy, successful people accomplish and enjoy more in their lives by taking many basic but essential tasks off their “To-Do” Lists.  

​We also take responsibility for and pride in performing these tasks in accordance with exacting and proven protocols and systems developed over the last 20 years by its principals. 

The key to achieving a consistent level of excellence and exceptional customer experience is through the Company's five "star" operating values:

- ​Discrete, personalized creative problem solving.
- Anticipatory attention, planning and execution.
- Integrity, trust and professionalism.
- Ongoing training.
- Culture of teamwork and fun.

Concierge Greenwich is an exclusive personal assistant, property manager, valet and problem solver. We can oversee a client's staff or local home while they are away, organize homes and offices, prepare homes and families for moves and other important transitions, schedule appointments, pay bills, run errands and purchase groceries. For a full list of detailed services, please see our Services page.

Concierge Greenwich
provides best-of-class concierge and lifestyle services to families, individuals and growing companies in Greenwich, Connecticut that help clients to increase productivity and quality of life.

The quality of our services are guaranteed. In the unlikely event that a customer is dissatisfied, corrective action will be taken at Company expense.

* Project pricing is always quoted and approved of in advance.

Concierge Greenwich expends significant time and energy to assure that our Specialists and Managers are thoroughly knowledgeable in the carefully developed Concierge Greenwich Approved Methods© for all client services.  All staff participates in a rigorous interview and background screening process prior to enrollment in our initial training and in-service training modules. The highest value is placed upon delivering a consistently high standard of services that is not only acceptable to our clients, but which delights them with the precision and attentiveness that are Concierge Greenwich trademarks.  

Concierge Greenwich works closely with a limited number of carefully vetted partner organizations that share its passion and commitment to excellence and attention to detail.  Inquiries regarding collaboration and partnership opportunities are welcome.